Bikini Beach Luli Fama swimwear Tabaco Y Ron 2012

Our Bikini Beach Model Melanie is wearing this Luli Fama bikini called “Tabaco Y Ron” that you can order by clicking the link below.

  1. INCREDIBLE INDEED!!!! What a beauty!!!! :)

  2. John Garden says:

    Love how she rubs her fingers softly over her perfect skin.

  3. Joseph Pascarosa says:

    My goodness, that body should be registered as a lethal weapon, you are more than gorgeous baby, you free for dinner sometime?

  4. laurent mangeant says:

    oh yes she must have her own website

    she is so wonderful this girl
    i can’t find any word enough strong to describ her

  5. caotorotti says:

    little hambergers

  6. i heart this gurl!!!!!!

  7. systemseven1 says:

    Fine! Love your sexy little butt!

  8. Get Melanie to do her own youtube channel posing in lingerie!

  9. onlythebestasses says:

    absolutely stunning – and what an incredible tan!!

  10. HOT!

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