Bikini Beach model L*Space swimwear Sensual Solids Fuschia

Our Bikini Beach model is wearing this L*Space molded cup underwire top from the “Sensual Solids” group in the Fuschia color. You can order this bikini through our website, or pick one up in our store in Kirkland.

  1. cycler univega says:

    WOW, she’s incredible what’s her name??

  2. nice music, who is the artist?

  3. ummmm ummmmmm gooooooood!!!

  4. Bikinibeach says:

    And we agree with both of you! :-)
    Thanks for watching!

  5. David Anthos says:

    She is sexy and she knows it!!!!

  6. MrOMARCITO99 says:

    what’s the #

  7. Bikinibeach says:

    click on the link above to order the bikini

  8. Bikinibeach says:


  9. cycler univega says:

    Thank you, she is absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i dont know why but she looks hotter in this vid!

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