Hilary Rhoda, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011

World Super Model Hilary Rhoda, talks about herself and her third appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. For more exclusive videos and photos go to si.com

  1. is it? it’s people like her who make most of us superficial..having a complete judgment based on the looks of people, caring too much about how you and others look, being shallow, making other ladies insecure..and making someone like you calling me “fatso” for no apparent reason whatsoever.
    so yea, it is 1 of the crimes of the century..
    watch “Killing us softly” and you’ll understand.

  2. steelergirlie87 says:

    She should have been in the new issue she is really gorgeous and puts the other girls body to shame

  3. “What’s great about sports illustrated is that it shows a girl’s personality”
    lol really? It just shows your naked body to horny teenagers, it also shows how dumb you are if you were tricked into believing this. Cheers.

  4. bathasleftthecave says:

    so she said some shit to avoid admitting shes stupidly good looking. hardly crime of the century

  5. bathasleftthecave says:

    cheer up fatso. why should sexuality be hidden? its natural to look and like

  6. you said it..sex..nothing to do with character.

  7. bathasleftthecave says:

    only called you fatso as short for fattoo. its hard to tell how much superficiality is created by media and how much is simply inherent in humans. we’re wired to check each other out and of course upon comparison some are more appealing than others. maybe its not fair, but just as with inteligence or strength its not distributed evenly.

  8. STONEMETAL99 says:

    Angel on the Earth…..

  9. I like this

  10. Ahh her eyes! >___<

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