Kate Upton, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011

Learn everything about Kate Upton, voted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011’s rookie of the year. To see more exclusive Kate Upton photos and videos go to si.com

  1. skiagrafima says:

    She has a quite disproportioned body…very thin legs and big waist

  2. FrancoisePatricia1 says:

    hustlin.. hustlin.. hustlin.. mediabuzzed . com

  3. Maybe “sag” is relative, maybe shape is more important than if they are “high” like fake ones. What I want to know is do men prefer fake “high” breasts, or large natural ones with good shape? Have I been brainwashed? I’m a swimsuit model & will be glad to show anyone my “natural” boobs (in a swimsuit) for their honest opinion! This is something that has caused me a great deal of stress until Kate changed everything. I don’t know if it’s b/c she’s famous, or this is really what men prefer!Thanks!

  4. mrnicktoyou says:

    Real boobs with a little bit of sag are the best. Fake boobs may look good at first but when they rigidly stay up all the time it’s unattractive.

  5. Shhheeee soooo hoootttttttt

  6. Any response is apprecicated, as someone who has had large breasts (& a tiny frame) this is something I have wondered for many years. I went to a boob job Dr & he said “Do you want them larger?” I said “God no!!” He said ” I wouldn’t touch them then, they have a beautiful shape” & gave me my cash back. So have I been thinking that the ONLY good boobs are FAKE ones all of my life until Kate Upton? Any response is much appreciated :)

  7. Gannicusrules says:


  8. Terminachaos says:


  9. A Stone Fox.

  10. Thanks for the input, much appreciated :)

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