Kenza Fourati, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011

Learn everything about exotic beauty Kenza Fourati, who was a rookie for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011 Issue. For more exclusive videos and photos go to

  1. eggroll9000 says:

    That’s my definition of the perfect female body. Goddamn.

  2. ImaginedWriter says:

    Tunisia is in N. Africa but part of the Arab maghreb and therefore racially and culturally part of the Arab Islamic world not the sub saharan black african world.

  3. ThePunisher014 says:

    Tunisia isn’t in the middle east…

  4. BUHIGHEReducation says:

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  5. nooooooo its in North africaaaaaaa !!!!!!!

  6. ThePunisher014 says:


  7. ThePunisher014 says:

    i don’t agree with you my friend, I’m a Tunisian so i know what I’m talking about, our culture and traditions have nothing to do with the Levant “eastern part of the Arab World”, even our accents are way different than theirs and sometimes we need to change our accent so they can understand us or speak the standard Arabic language. and most of the UMA countries “The Arab Maghreb Union” are from Amazighs and Moriscos(Andalusia=Spain Now)/Italian descents not all of us are Arabs.

  8. kannas tunisien says:

    يا طفلة راني نعطي في رأي متاعي!انا تعجبني اكثر الطفلة الي تلقى فيها ما تعنق،وبرة كان موديل ،يلزم تقتل روحها بالشر؟

  9. nouhatoxic says:

    First of all it’s not the arab maghreb the real name is the Great maghreb then maghrebian have nothing to do with arabs they have their own culture and heritage they r not arabs they r berber do u compar” this model with a saudi arabian ??
    LOL middle eastern can’t even understand us when we talk
    and the maghreb is not 100% muslim
    get it ?

  10. ImaginedWriter says:

    These arab maghreb countries are majority Islamic with Arab as a major language, they are part of the Islamic Arab culture. They’re not Sub saharan African or European.

    It’s like Australia is a part of the west and European civilization because the majority of its people are from a european background, speak a european language and live in the western tradition of democracy, liberty, free speech and civil rights etc… even though it’s nowhere near europe.

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