Nuts for Knits — Bikinis from Maggie May

Knit and crochet swimwear is one of the hottest trends on the beach these days. But one artistic, hands on designer, Maggie May, knits handcrafted, one-of-a kind sexy swimsuits that definitely make a girl stand out from the crowd. Each Maggie May swimsuit is a piece of art and richly adorned with extravagant trims, buttons and beads. See why Maggie’s high end, avant-guard bikinis have been seen in the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and discover the secret to the way they hug every feminine curve.

  1. YES

  2. Joe Morello says:

    Maggie May, ur swimwear does stand out from the crowd, best of luck! : )

  3. great bikini’s very sexy, and the girls a stunning too

  4. Mista Nicholas says:


  5. RipperEagle96 says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhmazing. =) Gotta love it too when the designer could be a model herself. =)

  6. Don’t know which to look at… The amazing models OR the amazing designer.

  7. We agree – Maggie May is just as beautiful as her bikinis!

  8. very good

  9. MrMark85044 says:

    I wonder how much the camera man has to pay to video this?

  10. Simeon Muncan says:

    very nice bikini wow…….

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