SI Swimsuit 2011: Male Athlete

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models reveal who is the male athlete they would like to pose with. For more exclusive videos and photos go to

  1. Why does Irina Shayk didn’t say Ronaldo? Hahaha

  2. 0:14 Did not understand what you’re saying to Julie Henderson. Some say?

  3. who’s the chick at 0:58? cant tell

  4. esti ginzburg

  5. kobe would rape you …

  6. I want the model Nina Agdal for SI , she is so gorgeous

  7. How does Irina not know. She’s dating the best soccer player.

  8. The last girl wants a gangbang

  9. impresionante2011 says:

    A quien le inetresa lo que dicen?,que enseñen cacho que es los suyo

  10. hater

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