Swim Daily, Jessica Gomes Profile

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  1. My favorite model.

  2. THA_M3XICAN785 says:


  3. machinegunfunk15 says:

    fuck no shes hella sexy

  4. ImaginedWriter says:

    She needs to lift some weights.

  5. oleHABSole says:

    huge bellybutton.

  6. Drake Santiago says:

    Most of the SI swimsuit models are not very toned. They are soft looking, and so I doubt most of them do any serious resistance training. If you are looking for a more defined look, fitness models would be up your alley. My favorites are Amanda Latona, Jamie Eason, Kathleen Tesori, and Vanessa Tib.

  7. Tiggolbigs says:

    This women is sexy as fuck, plus that accent! :)

  8. gelodude07 says:

    hot damn brown teedeez

  9. one of my favorites

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